Wouldn't it be great to live in a town where everything you needed, from a grocery store selling local fruit and veggies, to a cozy café for coffee, was just five minutes away? And what if you could actually walk around town and explore the shops, buying what you need without the need to keep driving and re-parking the car every ten minutes?


That's the Ingersoll difference, a town where you really are just five minutes from most amenities.

  • Collect the kids from school, and in five minutes you're back home.
  • Drive to get groceries and everything else you might need, from snow tires to freshly- grilled hamburgers, all just five minutes away.

With calm streets, low traffic volumes, and plenty of parking there is an ease of travel and less stress involved when you’re going to and from home and activities. What's more, as we have a natural, green corridor running right through town you can walk or jog from one leafy tree-lined park to another, then go from visiting shops to the community centre, and festival venue to sports venue, and never need the car.


It certainly make it easier to live a healthier lifestyle, and is a more relaxed way to live, while saving gas costs, car repairs, and it is good for the environment as well!


See map below to discover what is just five minutes from the front door of your new home in Ingersoll.


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