Ingersoll's Thriving Local Companies and Industries

Why search for a job in far away towns and cities with a long commute and longer hours, when you might live and work in Ingersoll? By working for a local company, you can avoid a long commute, spend more time with your loved ones, and contribute to your community at the same time. Ontario needs skilled workers, and with over 95% of our Ingersoll labour force in work in 2011, there could be a job opportunity here for you as well!!


Ingersoll's Local Industries

Ingersoll has always been a centre for manufacturing; at one time, there were over 90 cheese factories in the town! Today, you're more likely to be involved in manufacturing cars or other products for the auto industry than cheese, but that same hard-working, can-do spirit prevails and Ingersoll is a growing hub for industry and new businesses locating to the area.



Automotive Industry

CAMI Automotive, owned by General Motors of Canada, was a flagship production plant originally set up in association with Suzuki, to streamline manufacturing in the Japanese style. In 2009, GM poured $90 million into the plant, and today it employs over 2,500 people making 250,000 crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) a year, in a massive, 1.7 million sq. ft.factory!. Around 30% of workers at CAMI live in Ingersoll, so they are back at home much sooner than the remaining 70% who still have to commute after a long day of work!


Just down the road is Toyota's West Plant, building the popular RAV4 crossover utility vehicle. It is the largest producing Toyota plant in North America, and fourth largest producing Toyota plant world-wide. Toyota has been voted one of Canada's Top 100 employers since 2005, and the plant is just a 10 minute drive from Ingersoll’s town centre. You don't even have to drive Highway 401 as there are lovely county roads that lead to surrounding towns that you can take instead!


Local Manufacturing Giants

The company behind the world's most famous sticky note, 3M, also have their Canada headquarters nearby. The company often has job opportunities in engineering, finance, HR, IT, marketing, research and development, and has an active community support program.


You might think that to work at this plant, it would be better to live in London, but that is not necessarily the case. As the plant is on the East side of London, you could drive there from Ingersoll along Highway 2, and avoid the traffic jams heading west on 401 or battling through downtown London and its endless line of cars, traffic lights and construction!


Other Jobs in Ingersoll

Over 46% of Ingersoll residents work in manufacturing, and no wonder, as it's the single largest employment sector in Oxford County. Agriculture and retail jobs are readily available in the Ingersoll area as well, and new businesses regularly come to Ingersoll, creating new jobs in a wide variety of sectors, from hospitality and retail, to restaurants and technology, transportation, industry and IT.


Some of those businesses are helping to put Ingersoll on the international map, such as Jakeman’s Maple Products, recently voted Canada's best tasting maple syrup by The National Post. And talking of international connections, Ingersoll is close to London International Airport, with easy driving access along major roads and no need to drive the 401 unless you really want to!


Live in Ingersoll, Work Elsewhere!

Over 50% of workers who live in rural parts of Oxford County commute to work, making good use of the excellent transportation links and the major highways, 401 and 403 to reach the GTA (Greater Toronto area). However, this usually means longer journey times, potential traffic jams and more time on the roads, and less time spent at home – unless of course, they live in Ingersoll, which is easy to get to and from! Discover how living in Ingersoll can cut commuting times at our Ingersoll Commuting page.

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